Assistant Farm Manager

About this position:

Mt. Philo Hops in Starksboro, VT is seeking a full time hourly assistant manager from April to the end of October. We are a start-up hop farm, passionate about growing high-quality, responsibly grown local hops for Vermont brewers. At the end of this season, we will be the largest hop farm in New England! This year is our buildout and planting phase. Work will include preparing fields, constructing 20+ acres of hop trellis and irrigation, planting hops, caring for the hops, and refitting old dairy barns for new uses. The ideal person will have experience farming specialty crops or vegetables and operating equipment. Experience managing employees is a plus. Hop trellis is constructed with 22ft wood poles, buried 4ft in the ground and strung with steel cable. It will be an exciting project, but good awareness of your surroundings and comfort working with equipment is a must!


  • Prepare fields for growing hops
  • Install and maintain irrigation system
  • Transplant hops and provide ongoing care (weed management, fertility, etc.)
  • Operate equipment including tractors for farming tasks
  • Participate in preparation of barns for harvest/processing center
  • Prioritize safety in a busy work environment
  • Some crew leading responsibilities

You may be the leader of a team of between 1 and 5 people for the busy parts of the year. Itโ€™s your responsibility to keep the crew on task at all times, ensure that everyone on the crew is following the proper techniques, meeting quality standards, and following all safety guidelines.

Schedule & Compensation:

$14-$17 per hour depending on experience. Typical hours are 8am โ€“ 6pm Monday through Friday with a one-hour lunch, more hours in the summer at times. Due to the nature of farming, all crew are expected to be somewhat flexible with the length of work days during the season.

To apply, send resume with relevant references and a brief cover letter to